Winebar Kensington

A couple weeks ago I was in Calgary for a conference and decided it was about time I caught up with Bevan and Ben Kovitz while finally visiting the kitchen of Chef Mike Holm (@holmcooked) at Winebar Kensington.  At Winebar, the kitchen is just behind the bar, so we were able to get caught up while hanging out with Mike and enjoying an array of dishes from his crazy delicious menu.

This isn't a restuarant review.  I'm not a "foodie" and I don't remember what most of the dishes were actually called.  I remember that they were all outstanding, and I remember the duck.  Oh the sweet sweet duck.  Potato chips fried in duck fat, duck hearts fried in duck fat, yes that's right.  If that sounds good to you, you would be correct.  If that doesn't sound good to you, you would be surprised.  Or you'd be a vegan.

Chef Mike Holm at Winebar Kensington - Calgary Alberta, 2014

Bevan, Ben and I reminisced and caught up on life in typically boisterous fashion while we marvelled at Mike's skill.  Every dish was explained to us as he brought them, and they all deserved an introduction.  We debated whether or not we could handle dessert, but had to try Mike's chocolatey creation.  Before it came out, Bevan could only commit to one bite, but in the end managed to pull through with an impressive display of post-duck dessert consumption.

Chef Mike and Dessert at Winebar Kensington - Calgary Alberta, 2014

My dinner mates and I will admit to a bit of a duck hangover the next day, but I think we would all do it again in a heartbeat.  Maybe we needed more of those unbelievable brussel sprouts.  Only one way to find out... Calgary's just 3 hours away.

Winebar Kensington - Calgary Alberta, 2014