These Boys are Bulky

Here's a fun one to mark my triumphant return to blogging... I knew I'd get lazy.

In the summer of 2012 I took a trip west of Jasper with some friends to celebrate my 10,000th birthday, thats ten thousand days of life.  You see, I was bored one day at work and decided to calculate the date of my 10,000th day of existence.  It took some time but I did it, leap years and all.  Then I decided to do a quick Google search and it turns out I could have saved myself half an hour.  But I was right, and thats what's important.

Seemed like a great excuse for a celebration, and we had a most excellent time.  There were hikes, swims, beers, smoked meat, and jumps.  Lots and lots of jumps.  I have some very bulky friends, and when they're out of town they're forced to get creative with their workout.  Some interesting feats of agility and strength were on display, and I recently realized that it might be possible to illustrate one of these events with an animation.  I won't say more because I'm sure that by now you've seen whats going on below and have stopped reading altogether.

Mackell.  Blezy.  Jumping.  Feast your eyes and try to act like you're not impressed.

Bulky Boys Jumping - Jasper Alberta, 2012

I'm not sure if this will work on an iPhone, or if it will work at all... but I hope it does.  The world needs to see.