Lies About Will and Kate

In what is surely the fastest back to back blogs in the history of the internet, I am proud to bring you Part 2 of the Scottish adventure.  We met up with Lindsay’s amazing and fun parents Don and Tanya (2 brownie points for Tim) and rented a car to take us on a custom built 7 day northern road trip.  Don and I shared driving duties and managed to get away with just a handful of tense moments and minimal near misses.  I only drove on the wrong side when the street was deserted, and luckily that truck in the roundabout saw that I was looking the wrong way and stopped in time.  Navigating duties were shared, and in the end we always found our destination.  Seriously though, whose brilliant idea was it to change the street names after every block? 

St. Andrews - Scotland, 2014

The first leg of the road trip took us to St. Andrews and Dundee, with our home base at the Carnoustie Golf Resort.  The unnecessarily narrow roads through the town of Carnoustie were overshadowed by our first taste of delicious and hearty Scottish breakfast at the hotel.   The golf course was right on the beach and it was a pretty great introduction to coastal Scotland.

Carnoustie - Scotland, 2014

We didn’t end up playing any golf, but with our time constraints and my handicap I wasn’t too choked.  However we did spend the better part of a day in St. Andrews, and saw some old course there.  Among other things.

The Old Course at St. Andrews - Scotland, 2014

You might be wondering what else there is to see in St. Andrews besides an old golf course.  As I am now fully aware, St. Andrews is where some guy named Will met some girl named Kate.  Apparently it is home to a half decent university, so we wandered and saw what I’m sure were some significant places in their early days.  I could tell you the stories of some of these significant places, but of course those would all be lies.  And I don’t tell lies. 

So here are a few photos from around St. Andrews.  There was a ruined castle, a ruined cathedral, and even some things that weren’t ruined. 

After St. Andrews we headed to Dundee, which is actually a pretty big city with some ancestral significance for Lindsay’s family.  We weren’t able to locate exact addresses (since they probably don’t exist anymore), but it was a neat place to see and had some great views.

We left Carnoustie/St. Andrews/Dundee and were headed north to Inverness and the Highlands.  It was time to drink scotch and search for mythical sea creatures.  Check back soon for more pictures and less words!