Reach for the Skye

We finally made it to the Isle of Skye.  Doesn’t it just sound majestic?  It really is a fitting name.

Neist Point Lighthouse, Isle of Skye - Scotland, 2014

Our home base was the Town of Portree, the largest on the Skye, which doesn’t say much since it is one of only a few “towns” on the island.  Portree was incredibly scenic, and as you can see, one of the few places we saw the sun on our trip.  Not entirely sunny, but we saw it…

Isle of Skye - Scotland, 2014

Portree, Isle of Skye - Scotland, 2014

Portree, Isle of Skye - Scotland, 2014

We stayed at a fantastic B&B called Milivaig House.  It was a short walk from the center of Portree, and the hosts Dolly and Angus were amazing.  Great porridge too.  If anyone knows where I can get some true Scottish porridge in Edmonton, please let me know.  Here’s what the back deck looked like.  If only there weren’t so many flies maybe we would have actually sat out there and maybe I would have taken more photos.

Milivaig House, Isle of Skye - Scotland, 2014

The Scottish Independence Referendum was a few months away, and it seemed like we saw plenty of propaganda everywhere we went.  Most noticeable was support for the Yes vote, but apparently advertising isn’t everything.

Isle of Skye - Scotland, 2014

We spent our only full day on Skye driving around to different spots along the north of the island, stopping when something looked stop-worthy.  Here is a handful of what we saw that day.  There were a couple sights that were a bit of a bust due to the periods of fog/mist/rain, but we made more than enough good ones to make up for it. 

One particularly fantastic stop was a place called Fairy Glen, which we were lucky to find since the road signs seemed to completely ignore that it even existed.  With some direction from Dolly at the B&B, we only managed to miss the turn once before getting it right.  Clearly it was tough to find because there was only a handful of other people there, which made it even better.

Our final stop of the day was a long drive along progressively narrower and rougher roads, out to Neist Point Lighthouse.  All day we had been driving along two-way roads wide enough for only about 1.3 small cars, with little pullouts every couple hundred meters for passing oncoming vehicles.  The way out to Neist Point was even more extreme with winding “roads” no wider than a bike path, becoming less and less paved the further we drove.  We were surprised to see some bulky RVs at the lighthouse and were happy not to have encountered one along the way.

That was the Isle of Skye as I saw it.  It’s the kind of place I could spend weeks exploring, and I’m sure we could go back and have a completely different experience. 

The verdict on Isle of Skye is that if you haven’t been, you should go.  And if you have, you should go again. 

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