Happy Place

Hi friends!  Happy New Year.  I hope everyone had a Merry Holiday.  Today I'd like to share a picture I took on my Christmas vacation in Victoria with Lindsay.

It was Boxing Day and we went down to Esquimalt Lagoon to walk on the beach.  Did you know I love long walks on the beach?  We bundled up, because... it was Boxing Day in Canada... and we thought it might be chilly down by the water.  It was not, actually it would have been a great day to play golf.

I've read a lot about how photos should tell stories but never really felt like I got it.  Maybe its because I don't take enough people pictures, usually the response I'm aiming for is "Oooh that looks pretty!"  But I feel like this one tells a little bit of a story while still hopefully looking pretty.  Part of the story is the story I've already told, but I think it tells a lot about Lindsay's mood too.  Can you see it?  I'll give you a hint, she isn't sad.  If you know her very well, you'd know that ocean+mountains=happy place. 

This shows happy Lindsay in her happy place.

Lindsay - Victoria British Columbia, 2013