Slightly Warmer Times

Tonight I'm sitting at my computer avoiding the freezing cold winter and sipping on a nice hot chocolate and Bailey's (to help me sleep), remembering warmer times.  Not a heck of a lot warmer, but a little. 

On this day we were doing a fantastic hike up to Monte Fitz Roy near El Chalten, Argentina.  You can also see this mountain in my 'Places' gallery, and likely in future blog posts.  It looks colder than it was, but I'm pretty sure we didn't wear jackets that day.   Snow was perfect for snowballs, and I made a few. 

This picture shows a close up view of the jagged peaks, the closest close up we got anyway.  Bonus points if you can find the two people in this shot.  Hint: its not that hard.

Monte Fitz Roy - Patagonia, 2012


And here's a fun view from the walk up as I tried to catch up with the group, from my iPhone.

Monte Fitz Roy - Patagonia, 2012
iPhone 4

If you want to see a much better, much more comprehensive blog about almost anything South America, you should go to Chris and Ange's blog.  They kept it going for the whole year, including the month Kayla and I were there, and it has some seriously spectacular words and photos.  Makes me jealous, even the parts I was there for.

Check out the link: