You want paper?

A few people have asked me about getting prints of some photos on the site, and I have said yes.  So if anyone is interested, send an email using the form and let me know what you might like.  We can discuss sizes and whatnot, and it won't be too pricey.  The largest print I've had made so far (20"x30") was only about 30 bucks, and Ikea has really cheap frames as well.  So let me know if you'd like to hang me on your wall, I'd be happy!

And if you have something special you want a photo of, let me know.  It would give me a good reason to get out and take some new shots.  For example, Brother Mike asked if I could get a shot of his fire hall before he transferred to a new one.  Here's what that looked like...

Station 8 - Edmonton Alberta, 2013